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Security is one of the major topics in self-storage. Whether you decide to store furniture, documents or other items, chances are they have more than just material worth attached to them. Whether we decide to store items in basements or in our living rooms, our stuff probably means something to us personally and therefore has to be looked after. That’s perhaps why you might have guessed that it’s quite a privilege and important duty to us to take care of our clients’ belongings when they feel that they can’t.

We at MiniCC appreciate the level of trust our customers have in us and our storage facilities, therefore we believe that the least we can do is to provide a satisfactory level of security for each and every item our clients decided to leave with us. This includes some basics such as having 24/7 security personnel around the facility, both in Puxi and Pudong. Inside the facility, we have modern CCTV technology to facilitate the high levels of security standards we value; Every movement in and around our storage facility will be recorded and can be accessed for future use.

With regards to individual units, we make locks a mandatory security measure, and we even encourage our clients to use up to two locks if it helps them feel more comfortable. Locks can be provided by the client himself, or can be purchased at our on-site shop; these may vary in price and quality, ranging from simple key locks, to heavy duty number locks.

Please be assured that MiniCC will do everything in our power to provide the highest levels of security for our clients items. We are the leading self-storage provider in Shanghai, and are proud to continuously set the standard for security in the local industry. For further information about our offers, or prizes for locks, feel free to call us or visit us personally.