Why Store with MiniCC Storage?
  • We are a European Storage Provider with over 40 facilities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland (www.myplace.de)
  • We have the largest selection of Unit Sizes (1-500sqm)
  • We have the highest units at 2.8m
  • We are not underground (be aware of humidity and water problems)
  • Large Industrial Elevators
  • Large Loading Areas
  • 24/7 and 365 days access
  • We own the building – we are here for the long term!
  • Voted best Storage Provider in Shanghai
  • Do your research before committing to a storage facility: Already 2 Shanghai storage companies have closed their facilities due to internal issues
  • Be careful of humidity problems !
  • Come and Visit us and you will feel and see the difference for yourself
What is MiniCC Storage?
MiniCC Storage Warehousing (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd.  is a self storage provider that rents out individual and discrete storage space for private and business purpose in Shanghai, China. That helps you to free space at home or in your business. Storage units are available in all sizes starting from 1m² for personal or business use and we also provide warehouse space for your bulk stock up to 800m² – all according to your needs in a dry, clean and safe self storage environment.
What Does MiniCC Storage Offer?
MiniCC Storage offers the possibility to rent flexible storage space in different sizes according to your needs for private and/or business use. After you chose the right storage unit for your needs you will receive an individual key card, lock and PIN code which ensures that only you can access your unit. Access is possible all year round on 7 days a week. To provide you with the best storage experience you can find our storage shop at our self storage facility which offers a wide selection of packaging material like boxes, dust sheets, moisture absorbers, markers, etc.
Does MiniCC Storage's Staff Speak English and Are Your Documents in English?
Do not be afraid that you have to use Chinese when dealing with us, but it is also welcome. We are an international team and all our staff members are fluent in English. In addition to that all documents from MiniCC Storage in Shanghai are provided in English and  Chinese. So if you have any open questions feel free to communicate with us in your preferred language.
Where Can I Find MiniCC Storage in Shanghai?
MiniCC Storage has multiple locations in Shanghai. MiniCC Storage is owner operator and has locations in Puxi and Pudong.
How Does Self Storage at MiniCC Storage Work?
It’s easy and convenient to store belongings in the MiniCC Storage facility in Shanghai and can be done right away. When you decided to free space at home or in your office you come to our office, or contact us via phone or e-mail. We then help to find the best storage option for your needs. The lease contract for your storage unit is clear and is as quick and as easy as booking an airplane ticket. After you sign the contract you can move your belongings in your storage right away. Our spacious aisles and moving equipment make it easy to move into your storage unit. After that you can access your storage unit according to your needs, all year round on 7 days a week. Basically there are 3 steps to get your own storage unit at MiniCC Storage.

1.Drop by in our office, give us a phone call or send us an E-mail if you need help to decide on storage size. Our English speaking staff is happy to help you.

2.Visit MiniCC Storage to finalize your decision, sign the contract and pay your first rent.

3.After that you can use and access your storage unit right away according to your needs all year round 7 days a week.

How Much Do I Have to Pay?
The prices for your storage unit is determined by the size of the space you need. As there are many factors that influence the space, (e.g. what you want to store, how stackable are the items, etc.). But to keep your cost on a minimum, our experienced staff helps you (in English or Chinese) to find the smallest storage space for your needs. In addition to that MiniCC Storage Warehousing is the self storage provider with the best price to unit size ratio for self storage in Shanghai.
How Long Do I Have to Rent?
MiniCC Storage is very flexible in the sizes of the storage units and the duration of your stay. There is no hidden long-term commitment for your storage unit. Usually you can store your belongings in your storage unit at your first visit. The minimum period is as little as a month, after which you can end the contract with a prior notice of 10 days at any time.
Are There Items I Cannot Store in My Self Storage Unit?
You can store nearly anything in your self storage unit at MiniCC Storage what you want to keep for a later use. Personal belongings or items from your household, which you don’t want to store at home, are as good to store as your business material like samples, merchandise, files or other hardware. Nevertheless there are some items that are prohibited from storing at MiniCC Storage. You can not store:

  • Toxic and hazardous materials
  • Pets, plants and products that can decompose easily
  • all goods and items which are illegal
How Is the Climate Condition in MiniCC Storage's Self Storage Facility?
Our storage facility and all storage units inside meet the highest requirements and standards. The building is well insulated and humidity controlled which guarantees that the temperature within the storage facility remains at a fairly constant level.
How Safe Is the Storage Facility and My Storage Unit Especially?
MiniCC Storage has an extensive security system which makes sure that your stored items are safe. These includes access control, 24 hour CCTV, a sophisticated alarm system of the building and at sight security patrol. Furthermore the building is equipped with smoke and fire detection systems to secure the maximum security for your storage.
How Much Storage Space Do I Need for the Items I Want to Store?
This is always a difficult question and depends on the items you want to store. Our experienced storage service team helps you to find the best solution for your storage needs and can also give you tips how to store your goods. As a rule of thumb for apartment storage you usually need around 10% of the apartment size to store everything in there. So when your apartment is 60m² big, you need around 6m² storage space.
How Big Are the Storage Units?
We offer storage units in variable sizes in Shanghai, starting with as little as 1m² and going up to 800m². All storage units can be flexible tailored to your needs Whether you need the size of a bed, a shipping container, a tennis court or even more. For unhandy items we can also offer extra high ceilings within our storage. For more information contact our experienced self storage service team.
What Is the Minimum Storage Period and the Maximum Storage Period at MiniCC Storage?
The minimum storage period is 30 days. And in case you want to move out of your storage unit we just need a prior notice of 10 days. Once you passed the minimum storage period of 30 days you are welcome to stay with us as long as you need.
What Are the Terms and Conditions?
Our Terms and Conditions state the way we conduct business and is the same for all clients. Our terms and conditions are standard and can be found in the office and are part of each contract.What payment options do you accept: As payment methods for the rent we accept major Credit Cards, Debit Cards, AliPay, Paypal, Cash and Wire Transfer. The payment is in advance on a monthly or weekly basis.
What are MiniCC Storage's Advantages and Benefits?
  • No waiting – Our storage units are easy and quick to rent and you can move your items in right away.
  • Friendly and professional English speaking staff – Our staff members all speak fluent English and have long experience in storage. You have a storage problem? – We have the perfect solution!
  • Convenient access and huge loading area – Our facility has a large parking lot and a spacious, easy to use loading area for convenient access to your stored items.
  • The best prices in town – Our facility is designed for self storage and that makes us provide the best price to size ratio in Shanghai
  • Highest storage units in Shanghai – Our ceilings are 2.8m high so that you can store nearly anything that can be moved
  • No long term commitment – stay as long as you need – You are welcome to stay with us as long as you need, a week, a month, a year or even forever.
  • Short term cancellation periods.
  • Special offers – We run different special offers all year long. Contact us for more information at info@minicc.com
    wide selection of unit sizes in Shanghai – We have the widest selection of storage unit sizes in Shanghai -starting from 1m² up to whatever you need
  • Clean, safe, dry and discrete environment – Our storage facility is clean dry and safe. The design of the storage units make sure that you are the only one who can see what is inside your unit and access it.
  • Easy access – On the way to your storage unit the aisles are short and there are no stairs
  • Extensive security system- Access control, CCTV and 24hour security guards
  • Access all year, every day – We are there for you on 365 days a year. Come on any day to access your stored items
  • Storage shop – Store like a professional and get boxes, dust sheets, markers, tape and anything around storing in our storage shop.
  • Monthly Early bird special – free relocation support for the first 20 new tenants each month
  • Special offers – If you missed our early bird promotion don’t hesitate to contact us. We have special offers for relocation support and transport all year round.
When Do I Need Personal Storage?
Do you sometimes feel the space in your apartment in Shanghai is not enough to store all your belongings and you wish you have extra storage space in an attic or basement? Do you plan to remodel your home or move to another place and need a storage space to temporary store your belongings in a clean and safe environment? Want to put a personal touch in your apartment and store the landlord’s furniture somewhere or just improve your quality space at home?!
When Do I need Business Storage?
Do you sometimes feel the space in your office decreases over time because you don’t have enough storage space? Whether your business is spoilering, you want to store files, samples & merchandise, or keep unused office furniture out of office to win back space and make your office look more organized. Freeing up valuable office space can give your business an extra push. Or do you need flexible warehouse space in Shanghai according to your order situation. All in an easily accessible, clean, secure and cost efficient environment?! MiniCC Storage is the perfect storage solution.